We have worked with Tandy Therapy for several years now, starting with Lauren, and progressing to working with two additional therapists on her staff. We have always been impressed with the thoroughness and professionalism displayed by everyone in the Tandy Therapy team. We love the student-centered approach to therapy and frequent communication with the team. Tandy Therapy is a top-notch company providing excellent service.

~ Travis Eloff
Ephrata School District

Our virtual school has contracted with Lauren to provide in-person therapy for one of our students. Lauren has been a very reliable provider with a great deal of concern for the student she works with. She has made great efforts to collaborate with the parent and school to ensure the goals and therapy best meet the student's needs.

~ Jill Daniels
Oneida School District

I am an SLP in Philadelphia. I just wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU for being an incredibly proactive person, for sharing your knowledge in telepractice, and for providing a place for professionals to connect/improve their clinical skills/vent. It has been an incredibly large and abrupt transition for me and many others to move from providing face-to-face services to exclusively online. Your involvement with the most recent telepractice PD and this group have done nothing but prepared me for a very successful (though exhausting) first full-time week as an EI teletherapist. I am so grateful!

~ Ali N.

I’ve had the of pleasure working with and learning from Lauren. Through her Tandy Therapy Box classes, materials, and free resources, Lauren shares information in such an accessible way that it is easy to take it and put it right into practice. It’s easy to see why Tandy Therapy Box has become a trusted place for SLPs to go for telepractice and early intervention resources.

~ Hannah Boeck

Just finished watching the video - Keeping Kids Engaged During Telepractice. The content is so incredibly helpful. Have my first EI session in 10 minutes and feel more confident thanks to you :)

~ Maggie C.

Lauren is a great teacher. I am so grateful for the resources and all of the knowledge being shared here on Tandy Therapy and within the Facebook group.

~ Claire G.

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