Speech and Language Therapy

Individual therapy is provided in our home-based office setting and is one-on-one with a certified speech-language pathologist. We always invite families and caregivers to be active members of the team and therapy sessions. We specialize in working with children and their families (siblings included!) to address communication challenges in the following areas:

Articulation Disorders

Phonological Delays/Disorders

Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Late-Talkers & Developmental Delays

Receptive Language Disorders

Expressive Language Disorders


Feeding and Swallowing Therapy

Through a holistic approach to feeding and swallowing, we view each patient as a whole rather than a single symptom to be treated. Addressing sensory integration difficulties, disordered swallowing, picky eating, and personal and medical history, we deliver therapy and family coaching to achieve lasting results. Safe and enjoyable swallowing, eating, and drinking are central to health and well-being.


Sensory Integration Difficulties

Oral Myofunctional Disorders

Craniofacial Anomalies

Picky Eating and Food Refusal

Oral Motor Difficulties


Family and Caregiver Coaching

Coaching is designed to support and educate parents and caregivers in developing confidence as their child's communication models. At Tandy Therapy we understand the importance of empowering a child's most important communication partners with the evidence-based guidance to create the best learning environment possible.


We also coach parents and caregivers on addressing attention and behavior challenges that may negatively impact learning and communication, identifying opportunities for speech and language practice within daily routines, and how to integrate opportunities for communication within play. 

We work with parents, grandparents, nannies, childcare providers, siblings, and other important people in a child's life in-person, by phone, and via video conferencing.


Consulting and Contract Services

I am aware of the challenges many schools face in finding high-quality and experienced speech-language pathologists for contract services. As an experienced speech-language pathologist and practice owner, I take a vested interest in the schools/districts my team supports and I work closely with the school/district to create a partnership that aligns with the district’s mission and values. School and early intervention contract services and consultations are offered in-person and via telepractice. Services include:

  • Performing comprehensive evaluations and writing reports

  • Providing push-in, pull-out, and telepractice services in schools

  • Providing EI in-home therapy and parent/caregiver coaching

  • Developing and participating in IEP meetings

  • Collaborating with teachers for RTI interventions

  • Leading and participating in parent and/or interprofessional meetings

  • Supervision for speech-language pathologist assistants 


Tandy Therapy LLC

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