For the birth-3 population, parent coaching is often the focus of therapy. In this course we will work through how to effectively deliver the coaching model in telepractice. 


Included in the course:

  • Instructional video with examples with explanations
  • Sample SOAP note related to the session in the video
  • Recommended research to review
  • Resources to help children with reading under this model


At the end of the class, clinicians will:

  • Have a foundational understanding of what the family coaching model looks like.

  • Have a foundational understanding of how the family coaching model complements telepractice.

  • Understand why speech-language intervention via coaching model is preferred.

  • Have examples of using reflective questions to get the parent thinking and self-identifying ideas to support the child in their goals.

  • Be able to develop ideas on how to target goals through coaching model via telepractice.

  • Have an example of why using the coaching model limits direct screen time for the child.

  • Understand a structure of how the coaching model may be used during telepractice with a written guide (10 Steps for Family-Centered Coaching via Telepractice).

  • Know how to create a SOAP note for the coaching model via telepractice.

Parent Coaching in Telepractice


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    Just finished watching the video. The content is so incredibly helpful. Have my first EI session in 10 minutes and feel more confident thanks to you :)