Many questions posted in the online professional groups have surrounded, “How do I keep the kids engaged during therapy?” Whether it’s preschool, elementary, middle school, or high school, we have suggestions for you. 


In our two-part class, we offer suggestions for keeping kids engaged using Theraplatform as well as ways to keep kids (and parents) engaged across all platforms. We encourage everyone to watch both videos!


In the part 1 video, using Theraplatform, Lauren Tandy, M.S., CCC-SLP, and her sister, Marielle McKean, M.A., CCC-SLP, demonstrate in this class video resources that may be utilized during speech-language telepractice to target various goals. They also demonstrate how to utilize reward systems such as a visual schedule, games, or a task-token system to keep children engaged and interested during interactive activities. 


In the part 2 video, Lauren Tandy discusses the ways she works with both kids and parents to keep everyone tuned into the session. 


Following this class, participants will:

  • Have ideas on how to utilize telepractice to target specific goals:

    • Articulation

    • Language

    • Collecting Language Samples

  • Have creative freedom to develop individual interactive solutions, such as:

    • Reward Systems

    • Visual Reinforcers

    • Visual Schedules

Keeping Kids Engaged During Telepractice


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    Thank you for the amazing forms! I loved having the option of well-designed forms and the directions made them so easy to edit.

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    Keeping Kids Engaged During Telepractice

    Just finished watching the video. The content is so incredibly helpful. Have my first EI session in 10 minutes and feel more confident thanks to you :)