In this course you will learn how to address parent concerns about screen time. The course consists of a video tutorial and accompanying handout with information, resources, and an article. 


After taking this class, clinicians will be able to:

  • Provide age-based screen time recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics

  • Help parents create a priority list of rich, interactive, and socially responsive screen time (“interactive screen time”) exposure versus “stationary” screen time where visuals and entertainment/information are being fed in a stream to the child with no interaction.

  • Help parents to plan their child’s screen time to prioritize the socially responsive, interactive screen time over “filler” screen time.

  • Have a useful article to present to parents as an evidence-based resource.

  • Understand how using a coaching model reduced children’s exposure to screen time while coaching the parent as an extension of the therapist to work on goals in the natural environment.

Addressing Parent Concerns About Screen Time with Telepractice


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    Thank you for the amazing forms! I loved having the option of well-designed forms and the directions made them so easy to edit.

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    Just finished watching the video. The content is so incredibly helpful. Have my first EI session in 10 minutes and feel more confident thanks to you :)