Get all 3 of our telepractice classes:

  • Keeping Kids Engaged During Telepractice
  • Delivering Coaching Model via Telepractice
  • Addressing Parent Concerns About Screen Time with Telepractice


Each of these classes is designed to provide tips and tools for therapists working with clients via telepractice. Each class comes with a video providing demonstrations of the skill and a pdf handout with objectives, notes, and supplimental materials. 

3 Class Bundle


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    Private Practice Forms - Canva

    Thank you for the amazing forms! I loved having the option of well-designed forms and the directions made them so easy to edit.

    Maggie C.


    Keeping Kids Engaged During Telepractice

    Just finished watching the video. The content is so incredibly helpful. Have my first EI session in 10 minutes and feel more confident thanks to you :)