What Are Dolch Words? + Assessment Sheets

Are you a parent who is teaching your kiddos how to read? Dolch word list may be a perfect help for you in teaching them in their early years of reading!

What are Dolch words? Dolch words are high-frequency English words developed by Dr. Edward William Dolch in the ‘30s to ‘40s. These words are commonly used to teach children to read. Dolch words include 220 words and 95 nouns that can be found in children’s books. Once children get familiar with the list of words, it makes reading easier. If you’re familiar with the book The Cat in the Hat, all words used there are from the Dolch word list.

Below is the list of Dolch words sorted alphabetically by grade level.

Here are some assessment sheets we created that you can download for free!

Dolch Words Reading Assessment
Download PDF • 301KB

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