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Blog post numero uno. Oh, the pressure.

This blog is a special interest joint venture between my younger sister, Marielle McKean, MA, CCC-SLP, and myself, Lauren Tandy, MS, CCC-SLP. This baby of ours was created by our mutual love of writing and speech. We both majored in English/journalism, had previous careers, and went back to school to become speech-language pathologists. Here we are - ready to share what we have learned and continue to learn - on our journeys with the world. We are ready to answer questions and spark important conversations between professionals, between parents, between educators.

Without that spark, there is no movement. We stay sedentary.

I recently heard a marketing and design professional's opinion of our profession. "Spark." That is what comes to mind when he thought of speech-language therapy. "Without that spark," he said, "there is no movement. We stay sedentary." A spark creates interest. Interest creates motivation to learn or change. Speech-language pathology is about helping people who WANT to change for the better find a way.

Marielle and I would like this blog to be a SPARK in your life. We would like to create motivation to change for the better. And more importantly, we would like to give you the tools and information to make that change. Each person's spark may incite different change. You may be looking for answers about why your child isn't talking yet, how to progress in feeding your infant solid foods, where to go for information on development, what to do about tongue-ties...and the list goes on.

We know what it is like to be at the other end, asking the questions, looking for answers. We want to share what we have learned to empower the greater community of parents, educators, and therapists so that we can fully support children with speech, language, cognitive, and swallowing deficits. All children deserve to live full, happy lives!

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