Telepractice Tips and Tricks: Automating your Telepractice World

One of the very important reasons that I love telepractice is that it allows me to automate my therapy, business, and schedule.

I do this to the extent that I can when I am doing home visits and in-person therapy; however, it is just so much harder when I am away from the computer. I contract with different agencies, school districts, and families to support the Tandy Therapy LLC goal of helping families realize their best life. Since delving headlong into full-time telepractice, automation of tasks has helped me to use my time more efficiently, see more clients, and be more productive during my work time.

Here are some of the ways that I maintain efficiency while also being effective in therapy:

  • Time Tracking. I contract with several different agencies while also seeing private clients, and I have therapists who work for me doing the same. Each client requires a different billing method. In order to keep track of our time for each client, Tandy Therapy uses a time tracking tool. This simplifies reporting time at the end of the month.

  • Report Writing. Since working at home and on the computer more, I have created templates for different types of evaluation write-ups using different tools. For instance, I create a report template for dysphagia, full developmental, communication only, communication and dysphagia, speech sounds, etc. Not only does this help me to be efficient, but it helps me to organize my thoughts during an evaluation.

  • Daily Notes. I have created different templates for my various types of notes that I need to write. You may find some of them available at for free use. I use Google Docs to save the template and have it easily accessible. After I select the template and write the note for therapy, I am able to save the file to my Google Drive in the child’s folder, as well as copy and paste it to my electronic medical record system (Theraplatform) or other agency hub. That way I have the submitted version, as well as a backup on the cloud. It is also helpful to create a backup to these files with an external harddrive.

  • Calendar. I use several different calendars to keep track of my different types of appointments (Google Calendar, iCal, Theraplatform, and written). I integrate them as much as possible and have them all trafficked to my phone for on-the-go access. This helps me to stay on top of upcoming commitments without be IN my office.

  • APPS. I use applications on my phone and on my computers as much as possible to take care of business. This allows me to work from VIRTUALLY anywhere.

  • I use ALL Apple products, which sync with each other and the iCloud. I have Apple Macbooks, iMacs, iPhones, Macbook Airs, etc. It started this way because journalism was my first career and I learned all the Mac shortcuts to layout and design a publication using Macs. It turned into my preferred device, then quickly spread from there as I learned the value of integration while on the go.

  • Task list. I have tried several different task list applications to keep myself and my team organized and on-track. I will be sharing some of my favorite apps in upcoming Tandy Therapy Box classes @tandytherapybox.

Your Guide to Getting Started in Telepractice

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Lauren Tandy, M.S., CCC-SLP, is a speech-language pathologist who specializes in pediatric and school-aged intervention in the areas of speech-language development and feeding/swallowing disorders (dysphagia). She may be reached at