Screentime Fatigue

Client Screentime Fatigue Affecting Attendance or Therapy Time?

Here's what to do...

I’m hearing that sometimes virtual therapy may take less time for some clients, thus not meeting recommended IFSP therapy times.


I have seen and heard comments from fellow clinicians that families are experiencing screentime fatigue. These are signs of screentime fatigue:

  • Opting out of sessions

  • Missing sessions

  • Opting for longer time between sessions.

  • Having shorter sessions for various reasons.


There are ways to increase service value during teletherapy with a little creativity and a good source for family-friendly resources (find free resources at I will give you a few other ideas of what how I use my time wisely and efficiently while providing rich and useful intervention for my clients.

  1. You may be able to complete documentation during your session.

  2. a. Review the session and your notes with parent at the end of each session.

  3. b. Make sure you are creating a between session plan AND a next session plan at the end of EVERY session. This can be as detailed as you would like.

  4. If you have a craft planned with the family, you may choose to go through their supplies and pick out what will work during your current session.

  5. You may choose to have demonstrations of materials needed at the ready.

  6. Today I shared a link of a craft and made a list of examples to send to one parent at the end of the session so we had a clear plan of what we were going to do and what we would need to complete the craft. (Edible Sensory Bin – See link posted by me and shared by my friend and PT Linsey Cahan).

  7. As an SLP, I bill per session and not by unit for insurance. For contracts, I bill for my time; however, the IFSP requires a certain amount of time. Things that may help me meet my time requirements:

  8. Sharing and reviewing resources via screen share with families

  9. Creating videos to share with families regarding learning resources for their goals.

  10. Signing videos.

  11. Reading a book for the age of the child.

  12. Visual and verbal cues for speech sounds.

  13. And more…

Today, I also used a few of my own resources that I offer on my free resource page:

  1. Sample SOAP Note (for every client!)

  2. Back to Bed, Tummy to Play Free class replay over screen share

And resources from my store...

1. Resources from Dysphagia Telepractice Family Coaching Guide:

  • Dysphagia Therapy Using Family Coaching via Telepractice Form

  • Signs and Symptoms of Airway Invasion Form

  • Household Food Inventory

  • Household Oral Stimulation Inventory

2. Tips from my Addressing Screentime with Parents Class

And a few resources for my home office:

1. Telepractice Readiness Packet

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